Case history

Here are the projects that best
represent our offerings.

ITSM Sogei

Sogei ITSM Platform
– Finance

Migration to BMC ITSM platform of Incident and Change processes, previously managed with different technology solutions.

Project expertise

  • Knowledge of ITIL process
  • Knowledge of BMC ITSM suite
  • Ability to interact with the various Italian and foreign players for the realization of the necessary integrations
  • Definition and fulfilment of the work plan


We organized a work plan to enable the company to capture the cornerstones of the platforms to be disposed and their existing integrations. This allowed us to plan project activities on the BMC ITSM suite making the implementation phases more efficient, and at the same time allowed us to make the changes previously agreed upon with Sogei.


In addition to meeting the main project’s objective, which was to migrate processes in compliance with the discharge deadline of the old platforms, we used the opportunity provided by the activity itself to improve processes according to ITIL best practices. We also introduced operational methods that would simplify the activities of platform users, reduce ticket processing errors, and provide a smooth platform change for users.

Acquedotto Pugliese – ACS Platform Management

Specialized support for Acquedotto Pugliese
– Customer Service (ACS)

Execution of application services on the ACS system for the following types of activities:
– Requirements analysis and technical design;
– Implementation and release of complex solutions;
– Application maintenance;
– System management.

Project expertise

  • Ability to plan, monitor and control the project
  • Requirement analysis and solution design
  • Knowledge of BMC Remedy, Java, Oracle, Linux technologies
  • Management of integrations with third-party applications (SAP, Geocall, Legalmail, ARCO…)


We organized a governance plan that enabled us to provide support to the client in the activities of analysis, design of new solutions and management of routine maintenance activities.


Our efforts have contributed significantly to the achievement of the goals imposed by the business and the utility along with a large reduction in the number and duration of inefficiencies. All this has been made possible through contained cost management.


Application & System Management Specialist Support – Mobile Business Unit

Performing Architectural Design, Development, Integration, and Operations Management of Platforms and Application Solutions in the Mobile Business Unit area for the delivery of the following services:

– Sales activities and vendor/customer management;

– After Sales Management Activities;

– Integration with CRM/CMDB Systems;

– BI activities, Data Collection, Reporting, Reconciliation;

– Back Office activities for the management of services provided to customers.

Project expertise

  • Requirements definition, analysis and collection
  • Analysis and design of solutions and application platforms
  • Management of integrations with existing Application Platforms, managed internally or by third-party vendors
  • Experience in systems management for Linux systems, and MySQL, PostgreSQL DataBases
  • Knowledge of ASP, .NET, ASPX, C#, PHP, Perl, SOAP/REST APIs, HTML, CSS, JS technologies


We organized a work plan that enabled us to provide the customer with:

  • Ongoing support needed for routine and evolutionary/corrective maintenance activities as part of operations management activities.
  • OnDemand support needed for the activities of requirements definition, analysis, design, and implementation of solutions dedicated to meeting new needs.


Our support enables the client to constantly update and improve the range of services offered to its customers, and to maintain a high standard of use of these services, being able to react promptly and effectively when needed. The ability to identify and build appropriate application solutions supports the client in achieving business objectives, set by market needs or by the regulatory body.